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*Sigh* Still cant see what my problem is with Installing things for the game... TuT Wish one of my friends who play FH with me were rlly here with me to help me out with it,instead of them trying there best to explain what to do an how to do it over chat in FH. RIP ME 2017 Can never understand some stuff like rlly.
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I Graduated on 5/27/17 on Saturday. Lol I was nervous and close to crying right when I crossed the stage.But I didn't cry when they called my name. I did have fun Graduating with my Class of 2017 ^•^
I updated my username on the game to InsaneHellhound but Im still Hellhoun812 for my DA. Also I wish I knew what I was doing right to get these old maps installed along with my Item pack and Mass Markings. Friends keep telling me to download them so I can see what most of them look like,well Im not good at those kinda of things no how many times I watch a vid on how to install them seems i can't do it right. :l
    Once upon a time there was a wolf named Darkstar.She was just a pup at the time with her two brothers an Mother and Father.Her brother's names are Darkness,and Aler.Her mother's name is Ashes and there father's name is Chase and they are from different packs of course.Ashes is from a pack named Sand pack and her Father Chase is from a pack named Forest pack,Ashes is a Normal wolf why chase is a Darkone.When Darkstar was little she always played with both of her brothers,she was the baby of the family and she does have a close male friend.His name is Reed and he is also a Darkone like her and her brother Darkness. Darkness is the oldest of the group,Aler is second oldest also Aler is a Normal wolf he doesn't have powers but
he does have good tracking skills for a normal wolf.
  When Darkness got older he found out that he was a Darkone like his Father Chase.He was very surprised about it when he got older everyday.His powers became stronger every time he got older as well.When Aler ran away from home he ran into some trouble.He ran into another wolf but the wolf(Random Wolf/Demon) was bigger then him.*While Aler mumbled to himself:Why did I run from home now I'm going to die at a young age.* The Wolf(^Part of April's pack) growled and grinned noticing Aler and he was about to attack when Darkness appeared jumping onto the wolf's back and biting down hard onto it's neck.Aler said nothing and just stared at his brother like what just happened and how he got here so quick.(Darkness sensed the wolf and where they were at letting his parents know what was going to happen to him If he didn't know how to fight just yet on his own). After Darkness bite's the wolf his wound starts to gush out blood and he whine's acting like it hurts and laughed at the end standing up an transforming into its second stage(The Random Wolf/Demon),He looked at Darkness an then back at Aler with a wicked Grin on his face. Darkness noticed the wolf's second stage and growled before attacking him again he told Aler to run back home an tell there parents about whats going on so far.
  Aler did what he was told an started running back home to warn his family while Darkness defended off the Demon wolf.Back at home Ashes,Chase and Darkstar where surrounded all around by Wolves(April's pack). Chase growled deeply not liking what he is seeing infront of him and his mate along with his youngest child.Ashes tells Darkstar:"Its alright we will get through this. . ."*Ashes Mind: Damn that Female named Apirl how dare she try an kill us just cuz Chase choose me as his mate.*The wolves that surrounded them started to move the pup and the mother away from Chase trying to sperate them from him.They growled back knowing what they are doing an who gave them the order's to do so.As they get Ashes and Darkstar away from Chase they start trying to get the pup away from its mother now.When they did that Darkstar started running from them as quick as she could knowing her she was just a pup but didn't know she was a darkone like her brother Darkness and her Father Chase. 
(There is more to Chapter one lol but I'll just give u most of it on here the rest I'll write later or another day.I probably wrote this story a long long time ago :3 but its still in good shape to use for Darkstar's Bio on Feral Heart.Plz tell me If u like it If not let me know about ur thoughts Guys ^-^)


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I'm shy when it comes to meeting new poeple but if I'm on a game like this I talk a lot. I like to draw, paint, color, and I also like scary movies. I'm a Tomboy not a girly-girl who wear's make-up or dresses all the time for boy's. I wear dresses sometimes but not a lot I wear mostly jeans and short sleeve shirts. I don't wear my hair down because I hate when it gets in my face so I wear it up in a pony-Tail a lot. I don't go outside much cuz I have no one who is my age or grade in my neighborhood.



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